Building up mental strength..

Why is it so..??

Have you ever questioned yourself that why always you….??
Its a human nature every once a while a person is too damn frustrated by the fucking anxieties of life….
Not every one can overcome it easily..this frustration and anxiety pushes you to a deep darkness and then you feel depressed..
All the pressures and downfalls make you feel like you’re nothing but just a messy shit..
At that point of time if you are able to calm yourself down..that is the only time when you’re able to realize what your true worth is..
You are too smart , brave , intelligent , and generous to settle for anything that is less in comparison with your qualities..Your smile worth the moon and stars don’t just settle for some arty , materialistic and fake gestures of someone towards you..Know your worth guys..increase your value with every passing second..you are so much more brave and tough than you think you are the only thing needed is to peep inside yourself and know yourself more and more each day….

Grow mature with every passing second….