Exam stress..!!

Exam time can be super stressful, and sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep yourself cool, things get on top of you. 

Exams can be a major cause of stress if you’re a student. You may worry about your grades and future based on the outcome of an exam. Stressing out, however, will only make it harder to take the exam. Work on taking care of yourself. Practice basic self-care like eating right and getting enough sleep. Study in a way that does not increase your stress. Study a little bit over a long period of time, allowing yourself to take breaks. Lastly, reach out to others. Talk out your stress with friends. Keeping things bottled up will make stress worse.

Prioritising your time, subjects and workload will help reduce your stress levels, as you’ll be able to ensure that the really important stuff is covered – and at the right time.

Give yourself that push to get out for a run, go to the gym or just do a short work out in your bedroom. Exercise is a proven stress buster as it fills your brain with endorphins, which are basically happy hormones.

So keep your mind stress free and head on towards happy examinations….!!

Exam Stress