If you could define what love is..!!

Its hard its really very hard to answer what love is.
Have you ever questioned yourself that are you in love..??
Many of us do the same. We guys know that love is when we have a special person in our life with whom we can share everything that happens in our life.
But to know what reality is we have to search the answer to this question deep within us.
Love is in scientific terms chemical that affects our brain same as the drug effects.
This is the only reason why we think about the person we love or we tend to love every time.
A love story os something that is strength to someone and not that weakness that pushes you to the deep darkness and you’re stressed full of anxiety.
There’s a huge difference between loving someone and being loved in return.
Try to keep yourself away from any of the toxic relationship.

If you could define what love is..!!

Is love something that can’t be defined..??