Is Love Blind ?


In my own sexual experiences with sighted partners, I have often been complimented as being the best that my partners have had, while simultaneously being degraded as being too affectionate, clingy, and needy.

Because sighted partners are unaware of our needs, resentment usually follows.

It is my hope that, in offering my perspective on the topic of blindness and sexuality, that I can provide clarity and understanding to the topic, and clear up the confusion in this area between the blind and sighted worlds.

In order for the visual world to understand my perspective on sexuality as a blind man, it is critical to address how I, as a blind person, interact with others, and how that differs from the sighted world.

In the present study, we examined sexual knowledge, sexual behavior, andpsychological adjustment of adolescents with blindness. The sample included 36 Dutchadolescents who are blind, 16 males and 20 females. Results of the interviews revealed noproblems regarding sexual knowledge or psychological adjustment. Sexual behaviorhowever, was more at risk. Adolescents with blindness had less sexual experiences andwere older in having sexual experiences compared with youth without disabilities in theNetherlands. Subgroup analysis showed that boys with blindness scored higher on self-esteem if they had sexual intercourse. If boys perceived their family as overprotective theyless often experienced sexual intercourse. Furthermore, if boys reported more familyopposition, they more often had experienced sexual intercourse. These results were notfound for girls in this sample. We would like to recommend to youth with visualimpairments to be active in leisure activities, outside their homes, in the presence of peers.

When it comes to my experiences dealing with the visual world on sexuality, I feel that many sighted people are unaware of how we function, how we are stimulated and enjoy stimulating a partner in all ways and dimensions, and our need for intimacy and connectedness.

As a blind man, I am not stimulated visually like people in the sighted world.

Sighted people enjoy being stimulated by numerous visual communication messages, including facial expressions, gestures, body language, movies, TV shows, video communication, images, and visual stimuli in the exchanges of affection.

The greatest secret to ecstatic intimacy is one that is seldom understood and appreciated by the visual world.

The best sexual experiences occur when partners fully stimulate each other in all ways and dimensions.

For me, because I do not see the ways that a sighted person may communicate with me in terms of visual cues, I am erotically stimulated by touch, taste, aromas, pleasure, pain, and intuition.