Periods being a taboo

Culture and menstruation is about cultural aspects surrounding how society views period. A “menstrual taboo” is any social taboo concerned with periods. In some societies it involves menstruation being perceived as unclean or embarrassing, inhibiting even the mention of menstruation whether in public (in the media and advertisement) or in private (among friends, in the household, or with men). Many traditional religions consider menstruation impure, although anthropologists point out that the concepts ‘sacred’ and ‘unclean’ may be intimately connected.

Different cultures view menstruation in different ways. The basis of many conduct norms and communication about menstruation in western industrial societies is the belief that menstruation should remain hidden.By contrast, in many hunter-gatherer societies, particularly in Africa, menstrual observances are viewed in a positive light, without any connotation of uncleanness.