I found the love of my life

You are the love of my life.” There’s a real sense of fulfillment at having found your life’s partner, who loves you and whom you will love forever. This is a dream come true – one that promises to bring happiness on earth to those who have a vocation to holy matrimony, which is the vast majority of us.

Even as young children, we’ve been searching for “everlasting” love: from the platonic “puppy love” as grade-school children through the  youthful “first love” that seemed to undo us as adolescents. Of course, “puppy love” doesn’t last forever, and we move on.

1. You are physically attracted to each other. You like them and they like you. You want to be together.

2. They say they love you and actually show it through their deeds and actions.

3. They strive to become better every day.

4. You hold certain values in common.

5. They have virtue that shows an ability to put their values into practice.

6. They talk about building a future together, and you see proof of that happening: They are saving money, looking for a job that will be suitable to family life, and have begun to limit their social interactions in a manner consistent with nurturing an exclusive dating relationship with you.

How do you discern, then, if this is indeed the right person to call the love of your life? No angel is going to come down from heaven and tattoo the person’s name on your chest. Though there are apps and websites that use software and algorithms, questionnaires and personnel to help people meet good candidates, there is no fool-proof app for romantic relationships that can unmistakably guarantee that a suitable partner will give us everlasting love. Neither can a psychologist, minister, or other professional with whom you meet certify beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are made for one another and will, in fact, spend the rest of your lives together.