Study Tips In Hindi 📚

पढाई कैसे करना

going to tell some influential people for the students here, course, can definitely raise their score and start academic career.

You need adequate time and a right place to study

because your reading time and reading place can make a big difference in you. And students who do not accept this rule are worried about homework while reading and they never know when they should study and say.

1. Tips :

Only you know what you have to do, Can you do some work in light background music Or if you have food before you start,

According to me, you can read well in the morning and in the class. Maybe you are the night owl, whose mind works well between 1 to 3 in the night.

2 Tips :
हमेशा इस मुहावरे को याद रखे
“एक सर से दो सर बेहतर है और दो सर से तीन सर बेहतर है.”

3 Tips :

If there is any Question in the mind then you should ask him, here I mean to say that if you take part in class discussion then you are paying attention to the other people who are saying that.

4 Tips :

Do not start your week’s long, awaited goal of examining history, but rather divide your goal into smaller parts.

5 Tips :

You should not even blame while taking help. Because with the help of someone you can also remove the inner dilemmas of your mind.

6 Tips :

To spend 40-hour Examinations and eventually getting only “C” grade, it means that you are wasting your time in vain.

So you need to develop your study plan and you need to use the time only if you can get a better result.

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