Nepotism is Evrywhere

Nepotism is everywhere. Nepotism comes in different forms as well, it is based on :

  1. family – A set of family members are only allowed to given a chance

2.region – people get emotional seeing somebody of there same place or region.

3.language : people will only be helping those of there language. And whenever they are in a meeting they would start talking irrespective of other who don’t understand it.

  1. religion : people have there choices and pre determined notions for people based on there religion.
  2. castes : people have different view points on different castes of same religion as well.
  3. community : people will differentiate you based on the community you belong to.

7.gender : people will have different perspective for a job that it can’t be managed by a particular gender.

  1. Most important Money biased : everything is cut aside based on money..

What do you think about it…