Ayurveda Best Kept Secrets for Great Health Fitness.

Glowing Skin = You should also load up on Iron/Rich foods like Carrots (Beetroot Juice) & (pomegranate juice) That Act as (Natural blood Purifiers) and Impart A /Natural Glow to your skin”/

For long and strong Hair == According to Ayurveda / Hair loss, is usually caused Due To the ( Functions of the Pitta dosha which governs our metabolism and digestion) Another reason could be / Certain Hormonal / (Imbalances) that cause hair loss in men and women” The nutrients we eat support the hair follicles. To balance the pitta dosha, you should include (Cool) & (sweet Foods) like (buttermilk) (Coconut oil) cinnamon and fruits such as melons. (Grapes) & (Pomegranates)You may have not known this but coconut water is Rich in Calcium which Promotes Hair Growth So Drink 🆙

Sevan Mango Drinks To Try This Summer.
भिंडी की (मेकओवर) रेसिपी है दही भिंडी
गर्मियों में / इम्यूनिटी / बढ़ाने में मदद करेंगे ये देसी ड्रिंक्स
अदरक को कैसे करें स्टोर ताकि वह लम्बे समय तक रहे फ्रेश
( Mango) and( Vegetable Salad) & Summer Diet
5 Yummy Ways To Have Boiled Eggs For Breakfast
स्वाद और सेहत का मेल( Garlic egg and frai rice ) देखें रेसिपी.